Sewing at your Home

Jan Teaches Sewing Classes to Adults and Children

Help Create Their Own!

Jan will come to your house or her office to teach you how to sew or how use your own sewing machine. You can either have private lessons or be involved in group sewing. Jan is very patient and will teach you at your own pace. You can make your own pillows, clothing, window treatments, bedding and much more.

Private Sewing Lessons

Are always available to you and/or your child. Please call or email and make an appointment. I have extra sewing machines for you or your child to use during the lessons.

Jan provides her clients with a rare opportunity to HELP CREATE THEIR OWN window treatments if they choose to do so. Jan brings her sewing machine and other supplies to her client’s house. Jan does all of the sewing. The client helps cut the fabric pattern out and iron what Jan will sew. The client then assists Jan in handing her tools as Jan installs the window treatment. This process is quick and the window treatments are usually finished that day. The price is almost one half of the cost of custom made window treatments!

Jan can save you money! Most of the time an interior decorator does not specialize in window treatments. When it is time to add window treatments to your home the decorator will charge their consultation fee to the client as well as a consultation fee for the window treatment specialist.

Jan specializes in both interior decorating and window treatments so her clients only have to pay for Jan’s consultation fee. Jan has a work room that provides fantastic quality and fast turnaround time for her client’s window treatments, bedding, etc.

After the completion of the window treatment, etc. she will bring the finished product to your house. Jan will install your window treatment or she will hire her installer.