Sewing Lessons

Jan Teaches Sewing Classes to Adults and Children

Jan will come to your house or her office to teach you how to use your own sewing machine. She has sewing machines you can use to learn how to sew. You can either have private lessons or be involved in group sewing. Jan is very patient and will teach you at your own pace. You can make your own pillows, window treatments, bedding and much more. Sewing lessons are a fun thing to do with your friends!

Your kids can learn how to sew too! Your child can have private lessons or be part of a group of students. They will learn how to use the sewing machine and then your child will create a pillow to take home.

A pillow is just the first project your child will make and take home. You will learn safety factors, what supplies you will need to start sewing, the right kind of thread to purchase, how to read pattern and much more!

Private Sewing Lessons

Sewing lessons are always available to you and/or your child. Please call or email and make an appointment. I have extra sewing machines for you or your child to use during the lessons.


Special Pricing for A Fun thing to do With Friends!

Jan will teach you and your friends redesign tips and ideas at each person’s home using their household items. She will come into your home and each one of your friends home to teach a separate redesign class according to that person’s decorating needs. At each two hour day or evening class, you will have hands-on experience as we discuss what needs to be accomplished in each home. For a limited time each participant will only have to pay a total of $100.00 for a two hour consultation per person instead of the normal consultation fee. PLUS, you will also have the opportunity to go and learn about your friends decorating style all for the same price! So the total price for your personal consultation and watching your friend(s) consultation will only be $100.00. Jan will also teach cost cutting decorating ideas that will still achieve a ‘high-end” look in your home. Talk to Jan about the details.

For more information about this course contact Jan