My experience working with Jan on custom decorating my townhouse could not have been better! What I liked most is her willingness to listen to what I wanted and translate that into a professional, tasteful finished product. She worked around my busy schedule and finished the work in record time. I will use her custom decorating service again. Working with Jan made me rethink how window treatments can make a plain room come alive. After getting used to having horizontal blinds I never considered window treatments; I figured they were not important. Now after seeing the finished product with custom drapes and valances that tie in with other parts of the room I am sorry I waited so long to make the rooms come alive.

Pat Dale - GA, Air Force Staff Aircraft. Maintenance Chief Master Sergeant

I met Jan by chance. She has been my decorator and window treatment specialist for years. Jan has helped me decorate two of my homes. I feel free to bounce ideas off of Jan and we discuss and create what I want. She will tell you if your designs or ideas will or will not work. Jan is honest and has great follow through ability. She also has the skill to “think out of the box” so all of my designs are unique. I like that Jan is always on time and dependable. We started out with a business relationship and it turned into a friendship.

Gloria B

Jan, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your hard work and professionalism in regards to getting my personal home on the market.You exceeded my expectations in every way and transformed my home into a “show stopper”. You also helped my family understand the importance of staging and selling a home. I appreciate you going the extra efforts to do the best you could to help myself and my family. I would certainly recommend your services to my clients, friends, family. Your positive attitude is AWESOME! Respectfully yours.

Wendy Bunch - ReMax Around Atlanta

Deciding to sell my home was stressful. I knew I needed a stager so I called my realtor and she referred me to Jan Britt. She used Jan on her home and was very pleased. I called Jan and she immediately made me feel comfortable from the start, I felt like I was talking to an old college friend. She listened to my ideas as well as gave me hers. She is high energy, detailed, and a creative stager. My home was well received from potential buyers and friends. I would recommend Jan to anyone staging their home. Thank you again Jan for giving my home a new makeover!

Jacquie Cottey

As an instructor, Jan Britt brings a sense of color, style and attention to detail to all her projects. She puts her students at ease from the start as she listens to understand their unique goals and personal tastes. She offers quality, clarity and teaches to find the best solution for best value, making a win-win situation for all involved. Her clients and students are her utmost priority. It has been a wonderful experience being one of her students and client.

Adela Kennelly

Jan stepped through the door of my house with incredible energy, enthusiasm and delight. Within minutes we were moving furniture and artwork and making my home warmer, more beautiful and most importantly more reflective of my personality. She inspired me to take on projects in my home that I had been procrastinating on for ages. My home looks great and feels lighter. I enjoy my home so much more now that it doesn’t have any, “When I get to it till then I will just store things in rooms.” I would highly recommend her decorating, drapery and staging services.

Patti Wood - MA, Certified Speaking Professional. The Body Language Expert

Jan is currently helping me redecorate my living room and I really like the fact that she listens to you to discover your personal style. Jan knows how to decorate high-end, but she can also decorate on a budget and make it look high-end. You get the best of both worlds. I thoroughly enjoy working with Jan and I am excited to see the transformation of my living room.

Rachel Henderson

Good Evening, Jan- I really enjoyed the “field trip” last week and went back to the Mart the next day. They were very interested in your class and very helpful. Look forward to being in class tomorrow evening. You have given me so many insights into good design and good value. The story board is a joy to develop.


Dear Jan, I want to first thank you for your wonderful class’s. I have learned so much from the first two classes I can’t wait for the rest! I am also so excited to have you and the class come to my home for the final class. My husband and I moved to Georgia from New York just over 2 years ago. We moved into a much larger home than we had in NY. We also have recently moved my mom in to live with us. Along with my mom came a portion of her furniture and accessories. We also still have some of the window treatments from the previous owner. Needless to say we have a mishmash of styles and a lot of questions. I think there will be plenty to discuss that will greatly benefit all the students. I would be happy to send you a list of the rooms as well as pictures if that will help you prepare for the lesson. I am greatly appreciative for this wonderful opportunity and want everyone in the class to benefit as much as I will from this visit. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge. I look forward to our next class. Warmest regards.